Using Screenbot

Slash Command Reference

Below is a quick command reference for Slack. You can write your own Screenbot integration using our Javascript SDK.

/sb shot

Take a screenshot.

/sb draw

Take a screenshot and make an annotation.

/sb cast

Record your screen and share it as an animated GIF or a video.

/sb clip

Upload your clipboard. This can be anything from images to files to text.


We’ve written plugins for your favorite editing tools so you can share what you’re working on in a single keystroke.

/sb sketch

Share the current page in Sketch as a png.

/sb photoshop

Share the foremost artwork in Adobe Photoshop as a flattened png.

/sb illustrator

Share the foremost artwork in Adobe Illustrator as a flattened png.

/sb safari

Share a complete capture of the current webpage in Safari as a png.

/sb chrome

Share a complete capture of the current webpage in Chrome as a png.

Pro Features

Screenbot is built on top of Droplr’s powerful file-sharing API. When you upgrade to Pro, you get all the unlimited sharing features that come with a Droplr Pro account. Please visit for more information.


If you run into any problems or bugs, please let us know by sending an email describing your problem to Please provide as much information as you can including Crash Logs, system information.