A picture is worth a thousand words.

Share screenshots, annotations, screencasts, web captures, gifs, and more with a single keystoke. Give Slack superpowers.

Get Started

Requires OS X 10.11. Windows coming soon.

/sb shot

Take a screenshot

Capture and share a screenshot - all without cluttering up your desktop.

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/sb draw

Make your point

Make yourself clear with fewer words using annotation, shapes and notes. Guaranteed to avoid confusion and improve communication.

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/sb cast

Record a screencast

Record your screen and share it as a GIF or a high quality video with audio narration.

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Plugin Power

Screenbot integrates with the apps that you use every single day. Forget a cumbersome export process, once you start sharing with Screenbot, you'll never look back.

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But wait, there's more

Upload your clipboard. Screenbot can upload files, text, videos, audio, anything straight out of your clipboard. Easy as copy and paste.

Capture your browser. You can share an entire webpage with a single Screenbot command. No more pasting together multiple screenshots.

Developer friendly. Use our Javascript SDK to write your own Screenbot integrations.

Custom domains. Images shared with Screenbot can use your own custom domain, for that extra level of awesomeness. (Requires a Droplr Pro subscription.)

Enhanced security. You can set anything you share with Screenbot to self-destruct, add a password, or use obscure urls. (Requires a Droplr Pro subscription.)

Embed images. You can embed images and videos that you share with Screenbot on your website, blog, anywhere URLs can go. (Requires a Droplr Pro subscription.)

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